Regis Gaughan, III

About Me

Oh hey, didn’t see you there. I am Regis Gaughan, III and I’ve decided to delight you with words in this futuristic, one-of-a-kind format I’ve decided to call a “blog.” Buckle up.

I was born outside of Boston, MA where I spent most of my childhood. Despite my mother’s life-long residency in the Boston area, she spent a decent amount of effort to dissuade the non-rhoticity of the Boston accent — much to my dismay each time I watch “Good Will Hunting.” When I was 12 years old my family moved to the Philadelphia area where my coming-of-age story turned into a series of cliché teen movies. After highschool I attended the Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a degree in journalism — a degree I’ve done nothing with outside of the words you read upon this weblog.

So what have I been doing if not writing? Good question. I was fascinated by computer software ever since trying to get passed SkiFree’s Abominable Snow Monster. When I was 13 I grabbed our trusty 14.4 modem and logged onto our America Online internet account to make my first website on Geocities using the ever-powerful Microsoft Notebpad: A massive collection of WAV files from The Simpsons. Let me tell you, it was pretty amazing and it paved the way for other adolescent web-gems like NBA Jam Codes and, of course, a collection of swimsuit-model desktop wallpaper.

During and after college — armed with experiences in stand-up comedy, comedic writing and acting — I translated my humor and story-telling chops into graphic and interactive parodies leading way to web development. Long story short: I’ve been able to obtain a wide range of skills and understanding from both a creative & artistic standpoint as well as logical & programmatic one. Professionally, I’ve a held a wide array of artistic and engineering roles from graphic design, creative marketing, art direction, interactive design, user-experience engineering to full-stack web development.

I have single-handedly created award-winning software that millions of people use every day. I’ve most recently moved into a software engineering role at Google in Cambridge, MA and am constantly looking for challenges — both professionally and personally. This blog will hopefully chronicle some of these.

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